A couple hours ago, we were on a boat drinking lots of Bowmore. (Taken with Instagram)

Drinking a wine as old as I am! (Taken with Instagram)

If Red Hook was the Ivory Coast, I live in the Libya of Brooklyn. Thought of the day.

This is kind of awesome. Acorn gold chains are pretty baller. 

@Rockuboff thought Crystal Fighters “Plage” sounds A LOT like this song, and I totally agree!

Amazing idea! Instapaper now auto downloads articles when you’re in a convenient location, without you thinking about it.

I love visiting home and finding old baby photos. Me and my sister circa 1984 (Taken with instagram)

Last page of Edwidge Danticat’s Brother, I’m Dying. Love this. (Taken with instagram)

Is a tweet the new autograph? Maybe I can sell this one day