Live painting. Only at a Josh Craft Philly party. (Taken with instagram)

4 course with wine pairing at Buttermilk Channel. Look at that happy face! (Taken with instagram)

Happy Jason Mraz album release day! (Taken with instagram)

Excited about my new Badichi belt! Sorry for the crouch shot. (Taken with instagram)

Just a little reminder every time I pick up the phone (Taken with instagram)

Just waiting on the Bulgogi (Taken with Instagram at Hahm Ji Bach)

You had me at Knife Tricks. 

Urban Daddy definitely has the sweetest deals.

The 90s

  • Jeremy:

    What was the name of that band with the video of them in a car?

  • Me:


  • Jeremy:


At YouTube watching @joyformidable with @atlanticrecords (Taken with instagram)